This page will be updated after the Regional Awards Breakfast - February 6, 2018. We don't want to spoil the surprise!


BNI GTA Plus - $1M+ Performers - Nov. 1/16 to Oct. 31/17
Chapter Name TYCB in 12 months
BNI All Business Networkers $1,870,116
BNI Danforth $1,799,101
BNI $1,762,261
 BNI Business Connections One $1.472,675
BN Prosperity (GTA) $1,432,758
BNI Focus Networkers $1,238,856
BNI Champions $1,152,239
BNI Business Edge $1,124,015
BNI Outstanding Results $1,045,415

And NOW for the Top FIVE Referral Passers in BNI GTA for the period Nov. 1, 2016 to Oct 31, 2017
The amounts posted indicated the dollar value of business each person has passed to individuals in their chapter or to a BNI Member.  CONGRATULATIONS TO:

Chapter Name Member Business Passed
BNI Prosperity Steve Sims $697,947
BNI Referral Source Lisa Morgan-Long $221,203
BNI Business Leaders Brook Hamilton $197,472
BNI Linked-N-Motion Tracy Axford $182,670
BNI High Park Patti McGuigan $177,554